Welcome to P5

Our Trip to the Titanic!

In P5 we have been learning about the Titanic as part of our World Around Us topic.

On Tuesday 22nd November, we had the chance to go the Titanic Centre. Seeing a life-size model of the first, second and third class cabins and hearing stories about some of the passengers who were on board really brought the Titanic to life!

We already knew how the Titanic had been built, but we went on a ride through the shipyard to find out what it was like to work in Harland and Wolff building the Titanic, and how they held the ship together with rivets. We went on a tour past the gantry, and had a virtual reality tour of life on board the ship. It was fantastic- it felt like we were really on board! The most interesting part of all was at the end of our tour, when we stood on the glass floor and looked down at what the sunken wreck of the Titanic looks like beneath the sea. It was made up of 700 smaller photos but it looked real!

We had an amazing time at the Titanic centre and know lots of new facts now too!

All Aboard the HMS Caroline!

Last week, both P5 classes had the chance to visit a War Ship called The HMS Caroline. We had a lot of fun exploring the ship and learning about the different rooms on board. We learnt about all the different people who worked on the ship, what happened in the mess hall, who slept in the Captain's quarters, and why some ships were painted like Zebras! We all had a great day out and learnt lots about the HMS Caroline!

P5K scrubbing the deck!

P5L thinking about lunch in the mess (eating and sleeping) area!

P5 Fire Visit

On 30th September Knock Fire Station visited P5. WE learnt hoe to prevent fires and what to do in the event of a fire. We especially enjoyed spraying the hose - thankfully no-one got soaked!!






Welcome to P5!

In Primary 5, we have two classes. The teachers are Mrs Kirkpatrick and Mrs Little.

Mrs Meeklin  also works with Mrs Kirkpatrick's class, and Mrs Doherty and Mrs Milne work with Mrs Little's class.

This is Mrs Kirkpatrick's class!

This is Mrs Little's class!

Time to Read Trip to the airport.

Thank you to our Time to Read volunteers who took P5 Time to Read pupils to visit their workplace at Belfast City Airport.






 P5 enjoyed a trip to W5 to take part on a Destination Space workshop as part of their topic on Space.