Welcome to P3

Peter Rabbit

We are so proud of all our bunnies and narrators in our P3 play of Peter Rabbit. Well done everyone!

Carrickfergus Castle

P3 had an amazing time at Carrickfergus Castle despite it being such a windy day!


World Book Day

P3 have loved dressing up for World Book Day as their favourite book characters. Well done everyone!


Visit from the police

P3 had fantastic fun when the police came to visit. We enjoyed asking them tricky questions and sitting in the back of their truck!


Mr Hullabaloo

P3 really loved getting into the Christmas spirit with Mr Hullabaloo y

Children in Need

P3 had a great time at Pudsey's picnic.  They all look super in their spotty outfits! Thank you for your support.

P3 had a wonderful time at W5!

New P3s!

Looking forward to a wonderful year with the new P3s!

Carrickfergus Castle

World Book Day

Miss Armstrongs class dressed up for world book day and brought in their favourite book. The children made an extra effort to dress up and tell the class about their costume. 

Fire Brigade visit Primary 3

Primary 3 had a visit f on the fire brigade to help them learn about people who help us. The children had lots of fun having a go at the fire hose and leaening about the special tools the firemen use in emergencies. 

World Book Day

 Just a reminder that world book day is taking place on Thursday 2nd March. Your child can dress up as their favourite character and bring their favourite book to show and tell. 

Your child will have the opportunity to visit the book fair on Tuesday 7th March with their class. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Armstrong and Mrs Galway

Activity based learning on castles

This term P3 are learning about castles. They are actively investigating and exploring a range of activities. This includes building a motte and Bailey, making a bow and arrow and creating a flag.

Primary 3 investigate nocturnal animals

Well done to primary 3 who did an excellent job on making nocturnal animals! We were extremely impressed by the effort and creativity put into their models. All the children shared insightful and interesting facts with the class. 

Our trip to the Titanic

Primary 3 classes enjoyed a day to the Titanic to learn all about the workers and the structure of the boat. 

Miss Armstrongs class dressed up and played games. The children learned lots on how to be a ship worker.

Beat the Street

Primary 3A out on their beat the street walk.

Class reminders


Miss Armstrong 

Monday- P.E at 9 am- 9.30am

Tuesday - Clubs at 2pm- 3pm

Wednesday- Library/ICT at 9.30am-10.30am

Thursday - P.E at 1pm- 1.30pm

Please remind your child to bring their homework folder in everyday. 

Notes: please check your child's bag for notes and remind them to hand in notes. 

P3 Houses and Homes

Primary 3 are creating their own wallpaper for their home.

They children are 'buying a house' at the estate agents. 

P3 Activity Based Learning

Houses and Homes 

The children are investigating and exploring their learning through activity based tasks. 

They are researching houses around the world. 

The pupils are making a house that can float.

Creating a picture of their home using collage.

Drawing up their own map.

P3 Homework

P3 have homework each night Monday to Thursday.

Homework is as follows:

Monday- Spelling, Mental Facts and Reading

Tuesday- Spelling, Mental facts, Reading and Literacy

Wednesday- Spelling, Mental Facts, Reading and Numeracy

Thursday- Spelling (revision for Friday test), Mental Facts and Bug club. 

Thursday will also be an investigating homework once or twice a month. ( this may change) 

Homework is written into their diary and should be signed each night. 

Homework folder should be brought into school everyday.

Welcome to P3!

Welcome to Primary 3

 In primary 3 the class teachers are Mrs Galway and Miss Armstrong.

Miss Morrow works with Mrs Galway and Mrs Hunter works with Miss Armstrong.

We look forward to working with you this year!

Sports Day

Minibeast Show

Primary 3G had the opportunity to see and feel minibeasts and reptiles. They had lots of fun learning new facts on a variety of animals.

Mini-beast Show

The children really enjoyed looking at and petting lots of reptiles and mini-beasts. 

Mini-beast Activities

The Snail Race

As part of our mini-beast topic primary 3 have been racing their snails. The children are encouraging their snails to come out of their shells and win the race. Everyone is very competitive and have tried many tactics to encourage their snail to travel further. 

In the Garden

Primary 3 are investigating plants and wildlife in our school garden. As part of our topic they are creating their own mini gardens. 

Carrickfergus Castle

Primary 3 visited Carrickfergus Castle as part of their castles topic. They thoroughly enjoyed wearing the armour and learning about different parts of the castle. As past of activity based learning the children have been creating there own bow and arrows. They also enjoyed making a motte and bailey in the sand tray. 

World Book Week

This week Primary 7 have been able to read to the Primary 3 children as part of World Book Week. The children really enjoyed listening to stories from their older peers.

World Book Week

A reminder that next week is book week to celebrate World Book Day. The book fair will be in school all week and P3 pupils will get the chance to purchase books on:

Miss Armstrong - Thursday 10th March

Mrs Galway- Wednesday 9th March

On Friday 11th March we are asking that children come to school dressed as their favourite book character and bring their favourite book along with them to school!

Please note- Mrs Galway has requested her class bring their book in on Wednesday and dress up on Friday

We are looking forward to an exciting week!

Welcome to Primary 3


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