Welcome to P2

Cancer Focus Visit- Genevieve the Goat

Welcome to P.2M

Shared Reading

As part of our Book Week we brought in our favourite stories and shared them with each other. The P.6's very kindly came to our class on Thursday afternoon and we shared our stories with them and they brought stories to read to us. 

We had a lovely afternoon and would like to thank Mrs Irwin and the P.6 class!

Pancake Tuesday

For Pancake Tuesday P.2 M chose their favourite toppings and created their own pancakes.

We had lots of fun, they were very yummy.

World Book Day

Well done P2 for making such an amazing effort when dressing up for World Book Day! You all look fantastic!

Attendance Cup

Well done P2L for winning the Attendance Cup again! 

Show and Tell


Thank you everyone for your excellent effort with Show and Tell!

Foundation Attendance Cup

P2L we're delighted to be the first winners of the attendance cup! Well done and keep up the good work!

Christmas Disco P2 L

Christmas Disco P.2M

Mr. Hullabaloo

Some of our lovely P2s were so excited to be chosen by Mr. Hullabaloo to help him tell his story.  They did an excellent job. Merry Christmas from P2!

Mr. Hullabaloo

As a special treat after our first Nativity performance we had a visit from Mr. Hullabaloo and his friends Noleen and Jingles the Jester.

Some of us got to dress up and be part of the stories. It was a fantastic afternoon as we listened to and joined in with the stories.

Toy Time with Nanny

We have started our new topic on Toys.

To help us learn about toys from the past we had a special visitor to our classroom. We learned all about a little girl called Mary lived in a place called Mount Stewart from her 'Nanny'. We learnt that a Nanny is a person whose job it is to look after children.

She told us all about Mary and showed us some of her favourite toys that she loved to play with. Then each group was given a sack of toys to play with.

We had lots of fun and have learned so much about toys from the past.

High Five

We had a visit to our classroom from Genevieve the Goat. We heard a story about how she trained for a race. She had to eat healthily and exercise regularly. 

To help us to remember that we should eat 5 types of fruit and vegetables everyday she asked us to give her a High Five!!

Cancer Focus Talk

We had so much fun meeting Genevieve the Goat.  We learnt all about eating healthily to stay fit and strong!

Children in Need

We had a fantastic day coming to school in spotty clothes, or having spots on our faces. 

We loved having a picnic in the hall!

A huge thank you to Mr Lister for organising it for us and thank you for all your kind donations.

Children in Need Fundraising

P2L had so much fun helping to raise money for Children in Need.

Woodlands Picnic

We had a fantastic time bringing our teddies into school and having a picnic to raise money for the Guide Dogs Association which we learnt so much about. A huge thank you to everyone.

Teddy Bears Picnic

P2 had a wonderful time bringing our teddies to school and having a delicious picnic! We are delighted to have raised £26 for the Guide Dogs Association.  Well done P2!

Beat the Street

We went on a walk around Knocknagoney to find our local Beat the Street boxes. We had a fantastic time and everyone enjoyed the fresh air!! Keep it up P.2!

Guide Dog Visit

Exploring Food

In P.2 we have been learning all about ourselves and the important role of our senses. To get us thinking about our own senses we had a taste session where we had to try and guess the flavour of the crisps only by looking and smelling. It was tricky, and only when we tasted the crisps were we sure what flavour they were.

Then we worked with a partner and closed our eyes while our partner put a piece of fruit into our hands. We described the fruit through touch and taste. Our partner then told us what we had eaten- the blueberries were a huge hit!!

At the end of the session we all closed our eyes while Miss Magee and Mrs Murray put a mystery piece of food into our hands. Some of us wanted a surprise so we kept our eyes closed to taste it... It was CHOCOLATE!! Yum!

We had so much fun and have begun to appreciate how important our senses are.