Welcome to P1

Pancake Tuesday

We made our own pancakes and tried out lots of different toppings. Maple syrup was the most popular!

Fire Brigade Visit

P1 had a visit from the Fire Brigade. We enjoyed looking at the Fire Engine and climbing up into the seats. We got to have a go with the hose and look at their protective clothing. They even got called away to an emergency!

P1 made hot chocolate as part of our 'Winter' topic

We made hot chocolate as part of our 'Winter' topic as we have been learning about different ways to keep warm. We heated milk and stirred in some cocoa powder. It was delicious!

Titantic Trip

The P1 children enjoyed their trip to the Titantic.They enjoyed hearing the story of a little boy and his bear who had taken a journey on the Titantic.Theyplayed games and made a luggage tag for a friend.They even got to have a tea party on the big ship!

Mr Hullabaloo

We enjoyed a visit from Mr Hullabaloo. We heard lots of Christmas stories and some of us were even able to dress up and take part!

It's Christmas!!

Our classroom is looking very Christmassy with our tree. We all helped to decorate our tree with lights and bobbles.We love opening our advent calendar aswell 😋

Fairytales Day


We had lots of fun dressing up as different characters from fairytales.We decorated crowns and had lots of fun baking fairy buns.

Autumn Disco

P1 had great fun at the Autumn disco. We enjoyed dancing to the YMCA, the Music Man and the Hokey Cokey! We definitely have some amazing movers in P1! 

We had lots of fun carving a pumpkin and playing with it in the water tray.We pretended to make pumpkin soup.

Maths Week Maths Trail

P1 enjoyed getting out of the classroom and finding signs of numeracy outside. We made shapes with our bodies, spotted different shapes in the playground and counted different things like leaves and stones. We had lots of fun!

Autumn Story Time

Jean from Tesco visited our classes today with Barney the Bear.  Jean and Barney told us a story all about Autumn and how the animals hibernate. We can't wait for them to visit again next month to hear more stories!

Our Visit from Debbie Dolittle


As part of our Autumn topic we have been learning all about different animals. Debbie Dolittle and her furry friends visited us on Wednesday. We met a ferret, a rabbit, an owl, a hedgehog and a fox. We enjoyed touching the hedgehog's prickles and tickling the fox's tummy while he was having a sleep! Debbie told us lots of interesting facts about the animals and how she rescued them. We even got to see the owl turn his head all the way around!