Recycle, Reuse and Reduce workshop

The pupils participated in a recycling workshop whereby they explored how litter can be recycled. They created pots from

newspaper and planted cress seed. The pupils were able to test different smells and sort litter into plastics, paper and glass.

Science Litter Lab

Scientific Sue, with the help of some junior scientists, helped to uncover the science behind litter. Pupils were keen to engage in the scientific experiments and explore the impact that litter has on our community and the world around us. Prior to the show, pupils had to carry out a litter survey of our school grounds as well as a pupil attitude survey. Did you know that:

  • The Belfast City council spends £12.8 million on keeping Belfast clean and tidy.
  • Synthetic chewing gum is made from a rubbery material called polyisobutylene which is also used in the manufacture of the inner tubes of bicycle tyres.
  • Plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to break down.
  • An apple core or a banana peel takes around one month to decompose.
  • By 2050 there will be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish.

What was very apparent is that littering definitely costs – whether it is the cleaning-up costs, the fines faced by those who break the law by littering or the detrimental effects that littering has on our wildlife and the environment. Remember the only cure for litter is you!

Eco Club

The Eco team are working hard to maintain the garden during the summer and winter months.

The pupils enjoy cleaning collecting litter and keeping their playground clean.

Eco club

Eco club have been working hard to create colourful and exciting art work to put into our garden.

Bee club

Eco Club investigate the cycle of a bee and how they make honey. The children were excited to put on the bee suits to protect them from the hives.

Eco Club

The Eco warriors are making frames for their bee hives. They are hammering nails in place to secure their hive.

Eco Club

The Eco Club have been learning about bees and have started to create their own bee hives with the help of Mr Mc Cartney.

Maths Week

Knocknagoney pupils enjoyed taking part in Maths Challenges and problem solving activities during Maths Week. The puzzles were quite tricky and involved a lot of thinking! Well done to everyone for working together to solve the challenges! 




Sports Day

Tomorrow (Tuesday 14th June) is Sports Day at school.

All children should come to school wearing their PE kit on Tuesday. 

Sports Day Times:

Nursery 9.30am | KS1 11.00am | KS2 1.00pm

All parents and families are welcome to support!


We have a brand new PE Kit at KPS!  The kit includes a polo-shirt with embroidered logo, navy shorts and a branded PE bag.  These will be on sale on Monday 16th May from 1.00-3.30pm in the school hall for all children in Primary 1 to Primary 7. 

Price: £12.50

Belfast Giants Game

Well Done!


A massive well done to all of our school sport stars from the Football and Netball teams.  They have represented the school at a number of events throughout the year, displaying great teamwork.  We are very proud of you!